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A Great Time for Artists

Winter Term has brought some very exciting art competitions to Harris Primary. The Fourth Plinth gives our students a chance to create a contemporary piece for Trafalgar Square and the next two competitions are just as (if not more!) prestigious.

Summer Fair: The theme for this year's fair will be the Euros! Children are invited to create a football themed picture. Winkworth will be generously sponsoring boards and have agreed to feature the winning design on the boards! The children will be able to walk down the street and see their art proudly displayed. We think that is pretty incredible.

Fun Run: T-shirt time in back!! Children are invited to submit drawings inspired by their love of being outside, getting fresh air and exercise. We will choose two winners, one to be featured on the front and a smaller design for the back of the shirts. Winners will get to see their work on the backs of their friends, family and teachers!

Details: Art is due by February 28. Winners will be announced March 6.

Tools: A4 paper, ink, crayons, coloured pencils, paint, etc.

FUN RUN, please use portrait and single colour.

SUMMER FAIR, please use a white or light colour paper.

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