We imagine starting a new job in these uncertain times is certainly strange! Especially if that job is to interact with the wonderful students and staff at Harris Primary East Dulwich and they are, for the most part, not there to interact with. 

Naturally, the kids are curious about their new Principal. So we invited them to send their hard-hitting investigative questions and set up a live Q&A with Mr. Maslin. We got to learn all sorts of interesting things about him, such as his favourite dinosaur, his favourite ice cream and what he and his family like to watch!

Meet Mr. Maslin Part...

Leading up to the Fun Run, which is on Saturday the 16th of May, organisers Hannah & Phillipa are providing an incredible opportunity to increase your strength, stamina and fitness level.

Beginning April 19th, a series of 4 boot camps will be offered. These exercise classes will be led by our very own professional Personal Trainer Phillipa who is not only a fearless and dedicated athlete, but really, really, really knows her stuff. In addition to running the boot camp, Phillipa will be available to give you a posture evaluation to help you make the most out of all your workouts....

Winter Term has brought some very exciting art competitions to Harris Primary. The Fourth Plinth gives our students a chance to create a contemporary piece for Trafalgar Square and the next two competitions are just as (if not more!) prestigious.

Summer Fair: The theme for this year's fair will be the Euros! Children are invited to create a football themed picture. Winkworth will be generously sponsoring boards and have agreed to feature the winning design on the boards! The children will be able to walk down the street and see their art proudly displayed. We think that is pretty incredible.


For 2020, we decided to kick the adult events up a notch.... and by 'kick it up a notch' we mean bingo and power ballads.

That's right, let's get our bingo on, followed by all your favourite air-guitar playing, high note screeching, big hair rocking, heart wrenching tunes, that you just can't resist singing along to. Take your concerts out of the car and on to the dance floor!

Book your tickets (and sitter) today! Click HERE.

We are looking forward to an awesomely fun night. And if the mood strikes you and you want to tease your bangs, pop your collar or dust off the old Whitesnake t-shirt, we wo...

Winter Wonderland was a huge success! It was heart warming to see so many of you playing games, eating sausages, toasting to the holiday with some fizz, getting glitter tattoos and visiting the Grotto.

In total we raised £4,542.24! Congrats to all! This will go to funding the artificial turf and sun shade for the playground.

Massive undertakings like this need a host of people to make them happen. Thank you to each of the volunteers that manned a stall, moved a tree, dispensed a prize, grilled a sausage, donned an elf cap, and spread holiday cheer for all to hear. We are so very thankful for you...

Trees are back! We have once again partnered with Pines & Needles to offer Premium Nordmann Fir (aka the King of Christmas Trees) for your holiday! 

These beautiful trees are 35% cheaper than the high street prices. And 40% of the profits (after VAT) go straight to the school.

 F-O-U-R-T-Y. Fourty. 40%.

Can't beat that with a cricket bat. 

We are offering the following sizes at the following unbeatable prices:

3ft - £25
4ft - £30

5ft - £35
6ft - £40

For more information about Pines & Needles and the trees: 


Movie Night is back and better than ever! This year, there is not one blockbuster, but TWO! And, they're free of charge. Don't get that at the cinema, now do ya?!

Friday 22nd November

15:20 - 17:00

Reception and Year 1 will be viewing Minions in a Reception classroom, while Years 2 - 5 will be watching Everything is awesome...umm, we mean the LEGO Movie, in the hall. 

Snack and a drink will be provided.

While we are not asking for a donation, we do need a record of those who are coming. Please fill in the information for each child here

Quiz Night 2019 was a huge success! We ate. We drank. We had no idea what a GIF stood for, and most importantly, we raised £2,259 for the schools STEM initiatives!

Together we raised enough money to cover all of the expenses associated with new equipment, Raspberry Pi coders, and specialists speakers to give presentations to the kids. How fantastic that our kiddos who will surely think our Graphic Interchange Formats will be completely antiquated, are getting a leg up on possibly coding their own. 

This night could not have been made possible without an army of volunteers. HUGE thank you to our...

The ever popular FOHPED quiz night is back! Friday, 1st November brings the first no kids allowed (!) event of the year. Book your sitter, brush up on your pop culture and bring your appetite for victory, and pizza.

Many burning questions will be answered. Will a clear winner emerge, or will two teams tie again? How will the teachers do? How many questions will trip you up? Will House of Tippler be the after party of choice? The answer to the last one, likely yes. 

Grab your tickets here. Don't delay, this event will sell out. 

To celebrate the arrival of summer, we brought the beach to East Dulwich! We welcomed hundreds of kids, parents and neighbours to our seaside-themed fair and raised a whopping £3,500 for the school – in just three hours!

With face-painting, a nail bar, a bouncy castle, and lots of games of skill to test their wits, the kids were kept happy and busy. The arts and craft stall was heaving with eager artists, and the slimy gloop of the lucky dip had them squealing for joy. We had guessing games to test the grey matter and now know how much a bucket of sand weighs, and how many sweets fit in a jar....

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The Friends of Harris Primary East Dulwich (but you can call us FoHPED for short) was set up in the school's inaugural year, 2014, by the first cohort of reception parents. 


Our primary aim is to raise additional funds to enrich and enhance school life for our children, as well as to nurture a strong, supportive and social community around our growing school.



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