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There are many members of the school community who help make our PTA endeavours a success - all are welcome, and you can contribute as little or as much time and effort as you want.


Our committee is the driving force behind what we do, but they are ably assisted by a cast of supporting non-committee roles, as well as an army of volunteers!  Find out a little more about our current committee members and non-committee volunteers below:


Laura Heaton

Laura is mum to Agnes in Year 3 and Arthur in Year 1. She is chair of the PTA , who is renowned for her effective and well run meetings, not to mention her incredible organisation skills. In her remaining time she is a Portfolio Operations Associate at a London VC. She has lived in East Dulwich for 10 years, and loves it! She is thrilled to be a part of the community and lending a helping hand to HPED.

Helga Ogier

Who said spreadsheets can’t be fun?! Not Helga! 

Mum to Matilda in Year 6 and Dylan in Year 1. Helga is our invaluable treasurer. Never takes herself too seriously and would love to taste food for a living! In the meantime, works in the City to pay the bills.

Suzanne Hemming
Comms Officer 

Suze, mum to Thea in Year 4, is a former TV Production Manager turned children’s author, who writes rhyming children's stories for under 7s. A self-confessed social media addict, Suze was the perfect choice to join Sarah Swolfs on the comms team!! So if you need a Travolta GIF or a infographic, she's your woman.

Sarah Swolfs
Comms Officer

Sarah is mom of Owen in Year 5 and Charlotte in Year 3, both very happy HPED-ers. Comms Officer is a natural fit, as she has been told she has the gift of gab. This former financial and communications marketer is looking forward to helping get any and all FoHPED information to a social media feed, fohped website, WhatsApp group, and newsletter near you.

IMG_0476 (1).jpg
Sonia Brown
Licensing & risk | Comms Second-hand Uniform

Sonia is mum to two HPED-ers, Mia in Year 5 & Aaliyah in Year 2. Sonia drives quite a few initiatives for FoHPED. Which comes in handy as she is a certified driving instructor! Prior to becoming a mum, Sonia held an awesome array of jobs including bus driver, traffic warden, security officer and an office manager.

Valerie Arnold

Valerie is mum to Ben in Year 3, Keeva in Year 2 and future-HPED'er, Luke. This lovely Irish import moved from Dublin to East Dulwich in 2018 and brings her passion of all things fun to planning the incredible kids events. With a background in social work in the adoption services, Valerie takes bringing joy to all the kids, very seriously. Valerie is delighted to be part of the team and supporting the HPED community.

Alaina Creedy
Raffle & Sponsorship

Alaina is Mum to Eva in Year 3. Alaina enjoyed helping out with the raffle at the 2018 Christmas Fair so much that she’s now taken on the official role of Raffle Lead. Alaina works full time in the world of online brand protection and is looking forward to obtaining great prizes from both parents and local businesses so that everyone has a good chance of winning something fabulous or fun.

Phillipa img-2174 (1).jpg
PHILLIPA Gillespie-Eyles

Phillipa has been a part of the school since it’s second year, and is the mother of Joseph in Year 6 & Jakes in Year 2. The Fun Run is Phillippa’s brain child. She led the first school run, and the training bootcamps that led up to it. As well as led some incredible Zoom sessions for  both the kids and the grown-ups during lockdown. As a Personal Trainer, Phillippa is pleased to lend a hand motivating the kids (and those in the parent body and staff who are willing) to just get out there and have a little fun! What’s the point otherwise?

Hannah Jenkins

You’ll usually find Hannah covered in (environmentally friendly) glitter tattoos at the school fairs, and now she is delighted to be onboard with the amazing fun run event. Hannah massively stepped up to the plate during lockdown with some outstanding Zoom moderating. Who says it's not all glamor?! Hannah is Mum to Elsie in Year 4 and Eva in Year 3 and current toddler, future HPED-er, Nellie.

Hannah Cox
PcR Lead & Special Projects 

Hannah is our fearless PCR & Special Projects Lead. Drawing on her years of experience in Advertising and Operations, Hannah is the perfect fit for both jobs. As the school grew and the need for communication channels evolved, Hannah built a team of dedicated Parent Class Reps who act as a conduit between the parent body and the administration. Additionally, she is leading the charge on Project Playground, which will greatly improve the use of the yard and will undoubtedly save many scraped knees. All this, while being mum to Sienna Year 3, Quinn Year 1 and Future HPED-er, Ellie.

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-19 at 11.42.56 AM.jpeg
Benjamin Lin 

Ben is the father to Kiera in Year 1. He’s a solicitor by day, but outside of office hours he likes to stay active by running and being part of a dragonboat team. He’s always been involved in social and charity committees at work and the dragonboat team, which will hopefully assist as a member of the PTA. He’s organised everything from barbecues to quizzes, charity bike rides to bake sales.

Alex Cunnington

Alex is mum to Isobel in Year 4 and Alfie in Year 1. In addition to being a mum to two, Alex is a lawyer and before that an accountant.  She was vice chair in 2018 a co-chair from 2019 - 2020 and has taken a well deserved step back, while still remaining an integral part of the committee! Additionally, she is a tour de force, who single-handedly made and plated the delicious curry at a past Quiz Night! She is hoping to never, ever have to do that again. 


WhatsApp Image 2021-09-06 at 4.02.42 PM.jpeg
Norma Gaunt

Mum of Noah in Year 2. Norma works managing budgets, margins and schedules for a Film Production Company in Covent Garden (another spreadsheet junkie). As an antidote to this she also loves prop-making and all things craft and will hopefully be able to put some of this enthusiasm to good use on behalf of the school..

Stuart Spalding

Stuart is the father of Luke in Year 3 and Theo in Year 1, and has recently joined the FoHPED committee. Working as a creative director in advertising he is looking forward to helping with any design and visual needs for the team. After a year of endless zoom meetings and remote photoshoots Stuart is also hoping to be part of the IRL fundraising activities the committee is bringing together. His special skills are: reading comics, collecting photo books, cycling and assisting with Minecraft and Lego builds.

Each and every event is made possible by an army of volunteers from the school community. Without the wonderful folks at HPED, none of the work we do would be possible. 

Want to be part of the gang?

We welcome EVERYONE!  Email us on to join our volunteers WhatsApp, or let us know if you have a particular skill or contribution you'd like to make - we would LOVE to hear from you!

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