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There are many members of the school community who help make our PTA endeavours a success - all are welcome, and you can contribute as little or as much time and effort as you want.


Our committee is the driving force behind what we do, but they are ably assisted by a cast of supporting non-committee roles, as well as an army of volunteers!  Find out a little more about our current committee members and non-committee volunteers below:


FoHPED 2023/2024





Comms and Marketing


Events & Sponsorship

Additional Committee Members

Sarah Golbert, Victoria Edwards

Alexandra Cunnington

Kirsty Davie

Marie Dixon, Helen Lees, Rui Ramos

Sonia Brown

Alaina Creedy, Benjamin Lim, Zoe Griffin, Catherine Mures, Lucy Dent-Jones, Leyla Dumonteil, Valerie Arnold

Norma Gaunt, Andrew Castle, Stuart Spalding, Sarah Swolfs, Suzanne Hemming, Katie Manning-Cork

Each and every event is made possible by an army of volunteers from the school community. Without the wonderful folks at HPED, none of the work we do would be possible. 

Want to be part of the gang?

We welcome EVERYONE!  Email us on to join our volunteers WhatsApp group, or let us know if you have a particular skill or contribution you'd like to make - we would LOVE to hear from you!

Privacy Policy

Please read our privacy policy here.  

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