Are you a parent interested in helping support what the Friends of Harris Primary East Dulwich do, or a local business who would like to get involved in our growing community? 


We'd love to hear from you: Email us on


We've also compiled some frequently asked questions below, to give you more of an idea of what we do and how (and why) we do it.

what is the purpose of the pta?


Our primary aim is to raise additional funds to enrich and enhance school life for our children, as well as to nurture a strong, supportive and social community around our growing school.

how do i become part of it?


The PTA welcomes involvement from any part of the school community:  Just come along to one of our meetings and find out how you can play a part and contribute - we're very friendly!


The PTA is run by an elected committee (you can find out more about our committee on our about us page).   The committee positions are nominated and elected each year at our AGM.  

when and where do pta meetings take place?


We schedule regular meetings (the frequency increases when we're planning a big event) and try to alternate between daytime and evening timeslots to give all who want to the best chance of being able to attend.  


Our meeting times are promoted via the weekly school newsletter, via this website, and also via our Facebook page - just click the icon at the bottom of this page.


We also hold our AGM every Winter.

how do you raise funds?


We raise funds in lots of different ways, both from the parent community, the broader school community, and with the support of local businesses.


We have fundraising events running throughout the year, including cake sales, fun days, and pub quizzes.  These will be promoted via the school newsletter, on the homepage of this site, and via our Facebook page.


We also have a number of ongoing fundraising schemes - you can read more about them on our fundraising page.

what is the year rep system?


One of our objectives is to establish and maintain a strong, supportive and social community around our school. Building connections between parents within year groups, and between year groups is a key part of how we seek to nurture this sense of community.


This is not a difficult thing to achieve with just one year group, but as the school grows and we welcome multiple year groups, we have now set up a "year rep" system.  The year rep in each cohort is responsible for collecting email address from as many of their fellow year group parents as possible, and setting up an email group (the first cohort use Google Groups).  Any all-school messages can then be communicated from one year rep to another, to ensure that all parents receive them.


on what do you spend the funds?


At the time of writing, we are still in our first year of existence, and as such our funds pot is still small (but growing by the week!).  


We will schedule dedicated meetings to discuss how to spend what we have raised, and all ideas are welcome.  These could include ideas for enhancing the outside space at our school's permanent site, or ideas submitted by the teaching staff on how to enhance and enrich the pupils' learning.


Whilst we exist and operate independently of the school, all PTA decisions on how our funds are spent must be approved by the school's principal and executive principal.

what does "suggested donation" mean?


If a PTA event has an entry price, this will often be called a "suggested donation" - this is to allow people the option of paying less than our suggested entry price, if they don't want, or are unable, to pay the amount suggested.


Whilst we want to raise funds, we don't want anyone to feel excluded from our events on the basis of price.


Very occasionally however, we may organise events that have set costs that will need to be recouped via a set price.  We will always endeavour to make this very clear by using the wording "set price" rather than "suggested donation".