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The easiest fundraising scheme in the world, ever


Did you know you can fundraise for the school simply by shopping online for things you would be buying anyway?  Sounds like the perfect excuse for a bit of retail therapy to us!


When you click through any of the below links to everyday online shopping sites, a percentage (usually around 4%, but sometimes as much as 10%) of what you spend will automatically go to the PTA (don't worry, we can't see who is buying what).


There's no limit as to how much we can raise in this way or how many people can use these links - neighbours, colleagues, the postman.... anyone can help our fundraising effort!


If you don't see the retailer you're looking for here, we are also signed up to the Easyfundraising scheme - this gives us access to ALL retailers (including those above) BUT pays a much lower commission, as they keep the lion's share for themselves.  A small piece of the pie however is better than no pie at all, so please do click through our page here and shop away.  Remember though that, if we have a direct link listed above, you should always use that rather than the easyfundraising link.


General retail and household



Marks & Spencer  

Majestic Wine










Gifting and fashion



Cox & Cox


Thorntons Chocolates

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