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Parents occasionally ask us about the possibility of donating directly to our fundraising efforts - if they can't attend events regularly but still want to support us financially.  This could be a one-off - for example if you can't bake or buy a cake for a cake sale, you can donate what you would have spent on the ingredients to us directly instead.  Or, it could be a regular donation by subscription - we have set up options for £5 a month, £10 a month, and £36 a month.


Why £36? We hear you ask:  This is roughly the money that a family would spend on school dinners, according to this report.  Southwark, unlike neighbouring boroughs, pay for school dinners for all primary children and not just up until year 2.  Some families have expressed an interest in donating this money to the PTA instead.

No matter how big or small, we would be hugely grateful for any donation you would like to make. And with our charity status in place, you can also claim gift aid! Which would be a huge boon to us in terms of what we can fundraise. 

Make a one-off donation


Donate £5 a Month
Donate £10 a Month
Donate £36 a Month
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