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Times Table Mural

Help us amp up the colour in the 144 times! 


To help fundraise for Project Playground, we are introducing an exciting opportunity to be a part of creating a lasting piece of art for the school.


The Harris Primary Times Table Mural!


This large and in charge mural will be painted on the wall of the playground for all to see. Infusing the playground with a much needed pop of colour! 

Families and friends will have the opportunity to sponsor a square, or as many squares as they like. You can choose to donate in honor of a student, teacher, or family.

The suggested donation for each square is double the amount of the sum of that square. For example: 

If you’d like to buy square 30 for your daughter Wanda, it would cost you the following:

30 x 2 = £60

If you’d like to buy square 10 for your son Joseph, and also square 8 for your daughter Emily it would

cost you the following:

10 x 2 = £20   and   8 x 2 = £16

This would be a total of £36


This gives plenty of options for families and friends to choose from. Once the mural is complete we will frame a replica mural with the names of donors to hang in the school corridors so our children can see the lasting legacy they are leaving the school.

The Times Table Mural is an excellent way to push Project Playground forward and help us get that new playground in time for our children to enjoy it.

If we fully fund the mural, we will raise close to £12K! Help us reach the goal of a much improved playground!. 

If your desired number is taken, we can help make the switch and will let you know if your number needs amending.

To learn about how we handle your data, please read our Privacy Policy, here.

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Help turn the
Times Table from grey to great!

When you buy a square, we colour it in.

Many Thanks to the wonderful local businesses for supporting The Times Table Mural

If buying multiple squares, please submit the form separately for each square

as a charity your donation to FOHPED could be company matched

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