Children's Entertainer

Join us on Wednesday 16 December at 4:30, in whatever room you set up your Youtube.

The entertainment WILL be streamed into Early Bloomers. 

 James will entertain your children for 30 minutes! That's 30 minutes of peace. 30 minutes of quiet. 30 minutes of time to yourself. 


And to top it all off, James is donating his time and energy. That means 100% of the profits will be put to use for the kids and the school! 

Now that's really priceless.

Thank you James!

And, as always, all our welcome and thank you Harris East Dulwich Grownups for your support!

To make a £5 suggested donation*, please click below.

*As always our events are suggested donation only. There is no mandatory donation to participate. All are warmly welcome. 

To make a donation of any other amount, click below. Please choose "Children's Holiday Entertainer" from the optional drop down menu. Thank you!