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September 28, 2016

FoHPED meeting minutes 29th Sept

Present: Ruth (chair), Caroline (minutes), Amber, Sarah, Marianne, Tiff, Lorna, Antonella, Liz, Daniel, Mayoni, Clarissa

Apologies: Josie, Cath, Claire S, Uzma

1. Introduction to PTA

Ruth introduced the role of the PTA and explained past events, including Superhero Training, movie night and cake sales. Ruth explained our fundraising goals, namely that we are raising money to augment and improve the playground facilities.

2. Accounts Update

Amber outlined the accounts for the past year. Since we started FOHPED 18m ago, we have raised around £5000. £4500 of this is earmarked for the playground. We intend to hold back a pot of £500 for ad-hoc funds for teachers’ use. They will be able to approach the PTA (via Jo Conduit) with a proposal for using this money, for example taking children on visits that they otherwise would be unable to afford.

Amber reported that we have raised £2985 over the past year. The most profitable event was the summer superhero event which raised £1909. The various cake and ice-cream sales have raised £314 and the affiliate scheme for raising money whilst shopping online has also generated significant income.

After spending on the playground, our opening balance this academic year is £535.

Amber explained the affiliate scheme and the Easyfundraising scheme. It was agreed that we should publicise this extensively in the run-up to Christmas.

3. Immediate Fundraising Needs

Ruth reported that Jo is currently negotiating the price of the Tangle Trail for the playground which she is keen we purchase. The price is likely to be between £1500-£2000. The school will pay upfront and we will reimburse the school as the money is raised over the next year.

We are also hoping to purchase two further planters and possibly another playhouse. The playhouse has been particularl popular with the children.

Ruth reported that there is a further set of acrylic cut-outs which will need to be installed when the builders finish and release the remaining section of playground. We therefore need to schedule another day for parents to come at the weekend and do this work. We agreed the 12th or 13th Nov as possible provisional dates and Ruth will liaise with Jo Conduit to confirm which is best.

4. Non-committee roles needed for this year:

The nature of each role was explained and volunteers sought.

Year Rep for Reception

Amber explained the Year Rep system and the need for a Year Rep for reception. She has had an email from Uzma (Alina’s mum) who has already volunteered for this. Everyone present was happy with this.

Cake Sale Co-ordinator

Marianne and Clarissa volunteered to share this.

Christmas Cards / Tea Towels co-ordinator

Josie Pizer has already emailed to volunteer. Everyone was happy with this.

Designer / Marketing Assets

Daniel Byrne volunteered for this.

Raffle co-ordinator

Mayoni volunteered for this.

Grants / Fundraising co-ordinator

Amber volunteered for this.

Wastebusters Scheme co-ordinator

Claire Clifford-Turner led this last year. We will approach her to see if she’d be happy to do this again this year.

5. Future Events


Cake Sale

There was some discussion about timings for this but agreed that immediately after school works well so that the children can be involved. Friday 21st Oct was provisionally booked for the first of these.


Pub Quiz

Amber and Caroline have been co-ordinating this along with Nikki and Carl Cooper.

This was planned last year and then postponed until this year because of the lack of a suitable venue. We are keen to hold it this term in the school hall. Amber wondered whether we can obtain sponsorship and has sent a few emails to local estate agents to see if they would be willing. She will liaise with Lorna regarding the possibility of sponsorship through Portico.

Sarah said she would still be happy to take the lead on purchasing drinks.

We pencilled in 10th or 11th November as possible dates. This is dependent upon Jo Conduit and Carl Cooper’s availability. UPDATE: 11th November confirmed

Christmas Event

We discussed possible ideas including a Christmas shopping event, with local businesses and trades being invited to hold stalls in the school one Saturday in December. It was felt that we were probably short of time to organise this, and so we agreed to shelve this idea until next year.

A Christmas gift-wrapping service was suggested, with mulled wine and mince-pies being sold / served. Mayoni suggested offering mini-manicures and explained that she runs a salon locally and could ask one of her colleagues to do this. It was further suggested that we could incorporate a charitable giving element and liaise with Jo about involving Pupil Parliament. We discussed timings and dates and agreed to provisionally book this for Saturday 10th December 2.30-5.30pm. We asked for volunteers to form a steering group to take the lead on organising this event. Lorna, Marianne, Clarissa and Tiff agreed to do this.

Movie Night

It was agreed that this worked well last year and so should be repeated this year in a similar format. A date was provisionally set: Friday 16th December after school.


6. AOB:

DBS checks. Ruth suggested it would be useful for the committee to be DBS checked so that we can take kids from after school club to events that clash etc. She will discuss this with Jo.

Next meeting: Weds 12th Oct to discuss Christmas events.

March 17, 2016

FoHPED AGM minutes 17th March

Present: Ruth (Chair), Caroline (Vice Chair), Cath (Treasurer), Maria (Secretary), Jo (Head), Amber, Marianne, Sarah, Tessa, Herve, Clare


Apologies: Nikki, Josie


1, Welcome and introductions 

Caroline presented the purpose and activities of FoHPED - presentation here

2.  Cath presented the accounts - FoHPED accounts

3.  Election of committee members (the meeting is quorate so decisions can be made and voted on, Jo to chair this part of the meeting). It was proposed that the roles of Chair and Vice Chair be changed to two Co-Chair positions and put to a vote: all in favour 

Co-Chair (2 positions) 

Ruth standing, nominated by Caroline 

Caroline standing, nominated by Maria 

Vote: all in favour 


Amber standing, nominated by Maria 

Vote: all in favour


Cath standing, nominated by Ruth

Vote: all in favour

Position of Chair for the meeting is passed back to Ruth, thank you Jo.

4.  Intentions for money raised by FoHPED

Ruth explained that the committee had been working to build up a pot of money with the intention 

of spending it in two ways: 

1.  to maximise the outdoor space at the new school site 

Ruth explained that this is her area of professional expertise and has volunteered her skills to the Harris team working on the new school.  She will work with Jo and Sarah Musgrove to create a long term plan for the playground area and prioritise a shopping list of equipment/features that can be worked towards.  

2.  to ring fence a £500 pot for teachers to bid for money for extras (NB this is not for items 

that would usually be purchased through the school funds, but for added extras like special 

visits).  Jo felt that this would give the teachers an important professional development  

opportunity to present to the committee.  Any ideas must have previously been passed by 

Jo and then the committee would vote on proposals.

Vote: all in favour

5.  Forthcoming events (these events are in the planning process)

Cake sale: 18th March

Easter scavenger hunt: over Easter holidays

Quiz night: 28th April

Summer fun day: Cath to liaise with Terry at the adventure playground to confirm date

Social pub night

New intake picnic

6.  Ideas for future fundraising (these events need someone to lead on)

Sponsored pancake flip

Fun run

Events photographer

Car boot/tabletop sale

Second hand uniform sale

RAG recycling

Christmas cards

7.  AOB

Amber presented information on the Veolia Environment grant which had been discussed at the 

previous meeting.  Jo has looked at the proposed ideas for the £1000 grant and agreed that 

movable beds/planters would be most appropriate as they could have the biggest impact on the 

playground in the Autumn.

Meeting closed.

March 02, 2016

FoHPED meeting minutes 2nd Mar

Present: Ruth, Caroline, Sarah, Cath, Marianne, Maria, Tiff

Apologies: Nikki, Josie, Amber, Lauren


1. Dates for diary

  • Cake Sale Friday 18th March: Caroline to lead, possibility of serving drinks to encourage families to stay and eat cake, Marianne and Maria to man the stall

  • Scavenger hunt over Easter break (as run previously): Caroline to check with Jo and finalise details

  • Quiz night Thursday 28th April: Parents social event: Ruth, Amber and Nikki to co-ordinate

  • Summer event, as last year at adventure playground if possible: Cath to check with Terry re availability and to set a date.  Format: estate agent boards, raffle, bouncy castle, face painting, toy stall and cake sale

  • FoHPED stall at sports day to sell refreshments? ask Jo if this is possible.  Photographer for parents to purchase pics?

  • Easy fundraising info to go into newsletter again  - Amber to organise


2. AGM agenda

a. elect committee: Jo to chair election, anyone can put themselves forward right up to the 


b. reports accounts: treasurer and activities of FoHPED (inc easy fundraising and social 


c. environment grant


3. Veolia Environment grant ideas: green wall, moveable veg patch, silver birch trees, electricity 

generating bikes... check ideas with Jo and vote at AGM


4. Teacher bidding event for funds, check with Jo about timings, agreed £500 available from 

FoHPED funds for teachers to bid for for extras at school.

January 27, 2016

FoHPED meeting minutes 27th Jan

Present: Ruth (Chair), Caroline, Maria (minutes), Amber, Claire, Lauren


Apologies: Cath, Josie



1. AGM planning

2. Fundraising for this term

3. AOB


1.  AGM Planning

According to our FOHPED constitution (point 5.7) we are required to hold our AGM within 12 months of the date of adoption of the constitution, which was adopted on 19th March 2015.  And we are required to provide 21 clear days notice of the meeting, specifying the date, time and location as well as the agenda for the AGM (point 5.2).  


AGM proposed date: Thursday 17th March at 7pm in the school dining room.

Ruth to confirm date with Jo and put official notice and agenda in the school newsletter.


At the AGM it is expected that the FOHPED accounts will be presented, reports on the activities of FOHPED will be provided and committee members will be elected (point 5.8).  For the meeting to be quorate there needs to be at least twice the number of committee members (4) present, so we need at least 8 people to attend (point 5.3).


Information on the role of committee members will be provided to all as well as information for nominations.  Voting will take place at the AGM.


2.  Fundraising for the term

 Pub quiz

To be held at school so that we can sell our own refreshments.  Ticket price to include food eg fish and chips.  Teams will be put together on the night to ensure inclusivity.


Proposed date: Thursday 10th March NB Since agreed to postpone to next term

Amber, Nikki and Ruth to co ordinate.


3.  AOB

Ruth explained that ALL fundraising ideas MUST first be agreed by the committee and then also agreed by Jo before they can go ahead.  This needs to happen to ensure that the activities fit with other activities run by the committee and the school.

November 03, 2015

FoHPED meeting minutes 3rd Nov

Chair: Ruth Campbell (RC)

Present: Caroline Stokes (minutes), Catherine Pelham, Amber Spencer-Holmes, Josie Pizer, Marianne Lister, Tiff

Apologies: Maria Bateson, Lauren, Clare



  1. Past events

  2. Christmas event

  3. Update on cake sale

  4. Finance / Paypal


1. Past events

  • Ruth welcomed new attendees and explained the purpose of FoHPED, which is to raise money to be spent on resources that would support the school.

  • Catherine reported on money raised so far, which is almost £2000.

  • Currently our main goal is to raise money to purchase equipment for the outside space at the new site (specifics to be decided nearer the time in conjunction with the school).

  • Previous fundraising events were outlined.


2. Christmas event on 11th December

  • At our previous meeting a Christmas disco was suggested.

  • We discussed having a Santa’s Grotto but agreed that the practicalities of where to set up the Grotto, and queuing etc would be unfeasible. Instead, we agreed to have a Santa visiting the disco and leaving a sack of gifts to be given to each child as they leave. Gift ideas included a book from the £10 packs of books sold by Book People.

  • Marianne volunteered to ask someone she knows if he would be willing to dress up as Santa, and to ask her daughter’s nursery whether they have a costume we could borrow.

  • We discussed venue for disco. One option would be to hold it in the dinner room if Tal would be willing to have After School Club in a classroom. However the dinner room would be too small for all children plus parents to attend at once. Last time we had a separate room for parents to have tea and coffee which will not be feasible this time.

  • We discussed holding the disco in two shifts: reception children followed by Year 1. However this would be almost twice as much work, and many parents may not want or be able to return to school an hour later for the Year 1 disco. It would also be a shame to separate the children for the event.

  • We discussed trying to find an alternative venue. The sports hall at Harris Girls would be too big, but Ruth will email Jo Conduit to see whether we might be able to use the assembly hall at Harris Girls.

  • We discussed what went well and what did not go so well at the disco last the Spring.

  • It was highlighted that it is a lot of work and we don’t have much time to do it.

  • Alternative ideas were suggested including a Christmas movie night. We could hold this after school with popcorn for the children and possibly mulled wine and mince pies for adults. We could still have a Santa visitor.

  • We discussed holding a raffle in conjunction with whatever event we hold. Amber volunteered to take the lead on sponsorship for this and will ask Jacksons if they would be willing to sponsor and print tickets. Cath volunteered to coordinate prizes.

  • Overall it was agreed that if we cannot get a larger space at Harris Girls, then we will hold a Christmas Movie Night instead.


3. Update on Cake Sale

  • Caroline fed back the results of the cake sale. It was not as busy as the cake sale last Spring but we still raised £82.50.

  • We agreed to plan another one in the Spring when the weather is better and possibly serve refreshments as well.


4. Finance / PayPal

  • Amber suggested setting up a PayPal account for donations, paying for tickets etc.

  • Caroline to ask Maria about the one she uses for Abel and Cole.


Next meeting: Wednesday 25th November at 8pm to focus on setting up Christmas event.


October 06, 2015

FoHPED meeting minutes 7th Oct

Attendees: Ruth (Chair), Caroline (Vice Chair), Maria (Secretary), Amber, Claire, Lauren, Alex, Clare, Jo 

Apologies: Cath (Treasurer), Josie, Nikki, Marianne


1. Welcome and introductions

Ruth introduced committee members and reception parents introduced themselves.


2. Finances to date

Cath sent details of the money raised to date: £1964 in total


4. Fundraising goals and process (discussed before point 3)

It was suggested that we should decide upon a larger item for the new school as a fundraising goal, but we need to wait until we have seen detailed designs for the new school before doing so.It was also felt that there should still be a "pot" that teachers could bid for money from for added extras eg an author visit.

Jo will check the building plans to ensure that they are future proofed to enable us to develop outdoor roof spaces etc when we have the opportunity.The need for a big goal was discussed to help engage parents and also the local community.Jo gave some examples which included musical instruments that would be available for children to borrow for their lessons.

Ruth explained that she would be involved in the planning of the outdoor space (as it is her area of professional expertise) and that ideas for the playground might also need some extra funds.

We also discussed the need for a visual representation of what we are raising funds for and a totaliser.


3. Fundraising ideas

  • Cake sale: easy first activity, planned for the last Thursday of half term 22nd October (INSET on Friday), tea and coffee could also be provided.  Action: Caroline to co-ordinate event

  • Disco: at Christmas, to include a Santa's grotto (Santa would need to be DBS checked) organised similarly to the previous disco with a parents' hang out room and tickets to include time slot for Santa

  • Cauliflower Christmas cards: children design their own cards and the company print professionally, FoHPED will get £1 from each pack of cards sold.  Letters to go out to parents on Friday 9th October, deadline for orders and returned designs Thursday 22nd October. The following parents agreed to help manage the scheme: Chestnut: Lauren Willow: Claire Dill: Maria Mint: Josie

  • Affiliate schemes: Amber has collected a growing list of companies that offer a 3-10% donation to FoHPED if you click through the link (see website) before making a purchase.

  • Christmas event: ideas included costumes, raffle, Christmas trees, Christmas hampers to be discussed at the next meeting.


5. Year Reps

The concept of year reps was discussed; that a parent for each year group could be a point of contact for sharing information and managing the group email system.

The following parents volunteered for the roles:

Reception: Lauren

Year 1: Amber


6. Administration of digital information

Postponed until next meeting


7. Volunteers for co-ordinating projects

Clare volunteered to set up and coordinate a rag recycling scheme.  Other potential projects postponed until next meeting


8. Any other business

None raised

9. Next meeting: scheduled for 8pm on Tuesday 3rd November, venue tbc. Agenda: Christmas event

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