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Santa Letters

We’re thrilled to offer personalised letters from Santa again this Christmas. 🎅 ✉️


Here's how it works: choose one of the three letter templates below, then share the basic info requested (child’s name, email address and home address, plus any special delivery instructions for the FoHPED mail elves). Next, fill in any gaps with details that uniquely tailor the letter to your child, including which present they’re hoping for, and which snack to prep for Santa. Submit your responses and - in the shake of a reindeer’s tail -  a personalised, hand-delivered letter will land upon your doorstep ahead of Christmas Eve. 


We suggest a voluntary contribution of £5 per letter*. Scroll down to the Donation button to make a donation in support of everyone at Harris Primary East Dulwich. 

Don't forget to submit a letter individually for each child in your family, and don’t fret if you have more children than we have letter templates! Just let us know via email ( and we’ll happily work to create a fourth personalised letter, and beyond!


Please be assured that your data is securely stored and that your child's name and address will be deleted from our database by the end of December.

As always, thank you for your support! We wish you and yours a very joyous holiday season. 

* Any and all donations will contribute towards the school community and FoHPED’s projects for 2024. You are very welcome to choose a donation amount that works for you and your family.,

 Sorry, entries are now closed! 

Letter 1
Letter 2
Letter 3

Please use the button below to make a £5 suggested donation per letter donation.

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