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AGM *the Annual General Meeting.

On a crisp Monday evening, we settled into the upstairs room at The Lordship to begin our annual rite of passage, the AGM. New and old friends came together to share ideas, vote on committee members, and share some laughs..

After having the last AGM via Zoom, this was a very welcome meeting, indeed.

The committee said a fond farewell to Hannah Jenkins, Phillipa Gillespie-Eyles and Helga Ogier who, after many years are stepping down. Their contributions were invaluable both in front and behind the scenes. From glitter tattoos, sponsorship boards, Fun Run’s, Virtual workouts, spreadsheets, reports, and so much more, we simply can’t thank them enough. Cheers to you three and you're still on the hook for bake sales! We kid, we kid!

We welcomed 4 new members to the committee as well. Kirsty Davie, mum to Archie in Reception will be stepping into the treasurer role. We look forward to all her invaluable help and knowledge with the accounts. Sarah Golbert, mum to Audrey in Reception has officially joined Team Comms. After having drafted much of what you've read in the past months, we've convinced her to make it official.

Rounding out the 4 newbies are Zoe Griffin & Marie Dixon. Zoe is mum to Harry in Year 1 and Marie is mum to Percy in Year 6 and Ernest in Reception. As general voting members of the committee we are eternally grateful for their energy, ideas, opinions and contributions.

We look forward to working with you all! Goooo TEAM!

The meeting wasn't all bidding adieu's and high-fiving newcomers. Oh no. We got to look at some cold, hard facts.

A quick reminder of all we did this year:

For the fiscal year we raised an astonishing £25,841.58. Plus an additional £922.30 from affiliate programs. What raised what:

Our annual commitments to the school totalled £15,681.20. This includes unexpected requests of £6000, that through your generosity, we were able to provide.

What was funded:

Our projected commitments for 22/23, excluding Project Playground, are expected to be: £10,300. As it stands, we have enough in our account to cover the costs of our commitments. We can not overstate just how incredible this is. This is entirely because of the generosity of our school community. We are BLOWN AWAY by how much support you show the school. Thank you.

Project Playground is on solid ground with £14,593 in the pot and have just submitted for £2.8K in Gift Aid claims. With our current financials as is, it means that going forward, we will be able to fundraise almost exclusively for Project Playground, and get us closer to a softer, kinder, more fit for purpose space for all the children of Harris Primary East Dulwich.

Thank you for all of your hard work, dedication and support you show FoHPED throughout the year. From baking, to crafting, to scavenging, to dressing like elves - we can not do this without you. We should all be VERY proud of what we have accomplished and what we are building.

Onward and upwards!


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