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Armchair Fundraising

Have you heard of ‘armchair fundraising’?

This is a super easy way that you can generate extra cash for Fohped, from the comfort of your sofa, just by shopping online.

It doesn’t cost you any extra money - it’s donated by the brand you are buying from (Amazon, Asda, John Lewis, Dunelm - the list of brands who participate is huge).

And it is SO simple to set up:

Click on the link below to be redirected to the easyfundraising website Fohped page

Click on sign up and create an account using an email address.

Make sure you click on ‘add the donation reminder’ (this just ensures that when you open a shop’s website it automatically links your EFR account and actually makes the donation).

Then each time you shop with Sainsbury's or Morrisons, or Tesco (or pretty much any well known brand), they’ll donate a percentage to Fohped. Simples. Once you have your account there’s a mobile app you can download too.

Since Fohped began we've raised over £2959.48 just through easyfundraising.

It takes just 5 minutes to set up; so please do consider creating an account, and raise money from the comfort of your armchair.


How much will brands donate?

Most brands pay a percentage of what you spend with them as a donation, for example if you spend £150 on a hotel via, they will donate 3% which is £4.50. Some retailers pay a flat amount, for example if you buy car insurance with via easyfundraising, they will donate a flat £15 regardless of the cost of the policy.

How will I remember to always use easyfundraising so Fohped gets the money?

You don’t need to remember - the tech can do that for you! You just need to click on ‘donation reminder’ when you set up your account. When you go to a website, you’ll get a little popup asking if you’d like use easyfundraising on this site. Simples.

Will using easyfundraising impact my loyalty points on websites I shop with?

No, for the main loyalty point providers the collection of points is unaffected when you shop via easyfundraising. If you want to double check a specific website or retailer, drop us a note at

Does using easyfundraising make my online spend more expensive?

No. Using easyfundraising does not add any cost to your online shopping. The brand covers the cost of the donation meaning it’s 100% free to use!


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