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Father Christmas is sending Fan Mail!

As the countdown to Christmas gets underway, FOHPED is excited to help our kids get into the holiday spirit.

We'll be leveraging our connections to the big man himself to secure personalised letters to the children, hand delivered to your home during the last week of term.

There are three options to choose from and you can personalise the letters, helping to ensure that your little ones' requests are noted and the best treats are left out for Santa (and his helpers 😊) on Christmas Eve.

So whether you leave milk & cookies or sherry & mince pies, feel free to personalise the letters as you see fit. We hope these add some festive cheer to your home this year.

If you have more than three children and would like to request a 4th (or 5th!) letter, please email us at

Please follow this link to select your choice of letter, fill in the personalised details and provide the suggested donation* of £5 per letter, by the 9th of December.

*Suggested donation is just that, suggested. Please feel free to make a donation that works for your family. Every child deserves some festive cheer delivered through the letterbox.


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