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🚨Benjamin Lin, Dad to Kiera in Year 1 is running the marathon tomorrow! 🚨

AND he’s doing it in support of two amazing charities: St. John Ambulance and (drum roll please) Friends of Harris Primary East Dulwich!

We are beyond thankful and equally impressed. The funds Benjamin raises will be divided between the two charities and the amount allotted to FoHPED will go towards Project Playground!

Join us in wishing Benjamin a speedy and smooth run! We can track his run via the London Marathon app, bib number 4574. As well as look for him on BBC coverage. When we see him we can jump up and down screaming "I KNOW HIM!!!"

And if you are so inclined to read all about his plan and support his efforts, please do so here:

Ben's donation page will be open through the end of November,

Run Ben RUN! We are all routing for you!!


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