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Winkworth Winter Workout

Are you partial to neon? How large is your leg warmer collection? Spotify 'Best of Wham!' playlist on heavy rotation? Do you sport a Magnam P.I. 'stache? Do you miss shoulder pads? Do you currently have a closet full of shoulder pads?! Do you, perhaps, feel like you could use a workout?

Well then, we have something for you, AND the whole family.

Head back to the 80's and get your sweat on. Join us for another action packed, bicep building, abdominal muscle inducing, workout! Our very own Jane Fonda, aka Phillipa, is generously lending her talents and time to help get the families of Harris Primary East Dulwich up and moving all while blasting the best tracks from the best decade!

Winkworth Winter Workout

Sunday 31st of January

10 am


Children are welcome to any and all of the workout, but note the first 20 minutes will be tailored with them in mind. After that, it is gravy.

80's gear not required, but strongly encouraged! We all know workouts are better with big hair and sweat bands.

Winkworth has generously agreed to sponsor this event. Their support of our school and the community is greatly appreciated. We sure do love having wonderful neighbours down the Lane!

There is no cost to participate. If you are inclined to make a donation to FoHPED, it is certainly welcome, but not expected. To make a donation, you may do so here.

Let's, tease our hair, sport our short shorts and workout together!

Make like Mister Motivator and "SAY YEAH!"

See you in all your neon glory on Sunday 31st January.


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