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Winter Wonder(ful)land

Winter Wonderland was a huge success! It was heart warming to see so many of you playing games, eating sausages, toasting to the holiday with some fizz, getting glitter tattoos and visiting the Grotto.

In total we raised £4,542.24! Congrats to all! This will go to funding the artificial turf and sun shade for the playground.

Massive undertakings like this need a host of people to make them happen. Thank you to each of the volunteers that manned a stall, moved a tree, dispensed a prize, grilled a sausage, donned an elf cap, and spread holiday cheer for all to hear. We are so very thankful for your contribution to our incredible little community.

A few special shoutouts: If you have attended any previous FoHPED events, you've no doubt interacted with Sarah. Sarah has run the bar since the beginning. She has sourced, procured, corked, chilled and poured her way into our hearts. Her commitment has been unmatched. Sadly, the Winter Wonderland was her final stand. We will miss her terribly and thank her HUGELY for her service. Sarah's talents have no doubt contributed to a tonne of joy (& headaches) in the last 4 years. Cheers to Sarah!

Once again, Father Christmas was played by our very own Quiz Master, Matt. Matt spent 3 solid hours entertaining kids with Christmas stories, holiday wishes and a rousing carol. Matt, we hope you know how much joy you brought to the believers and non-believers alike. We also hope you spent the rest of the weekend sleeping.

Special recognition goes to Year 4 students Scarlett, Seffie & Oliver and Thomas from Year 5 who ran the gift stall. These entrepreneurs helped raise quite a bit for the fair & demonstrated heaps of maturity. Kudos kids!

It is no small feat to run a school fair. From organising volunteers to keeping those volunteers glasses full, we owe A MASSIVE thank you to Alex! Thank you Alex for your sublime organisational skills, all your behind the scenes work (ahem spray painting foliage), day before and day of set up as well as day of quarter-backing! Cheers Alex! Now please enjoy the rest of your time-off before starting your new job!

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