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The Great FoHPED Cocktail Class

Have you ever dreamed of muddling, mixing and misting your way through an evening? Perhaps you've got bartending skills in spades and want to show off your perfect shaker technique? Or, maybe you've tired of your current Shirley Temple go to and are looking for new mocktail inspiration!

Whatever your desires, please join us on Friday 20 November at 8PM for our very first Cocktail (and Mocktail!) Making Class. Let Jamie entertain you, while providing highly valuable, especially for 2020, specialised Mixologist instructions.

For a suggested £10 donation per household, sit back, slice your lemons and have an educational and entertaining evening! We will send an ingredient list before hand and a zoom link closer to the day.

Please register and donate here. And while you're at it, check out the supply and ingredient lists below!


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