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What involves 12 pubs, 96 covers, 76 questions and a cake named after a lightening strike?

It's the FoHPED pub quiz, of course! If you missed it, you missed a night to remember (which is kind of ironic as so many people claimed fuzzy recollections of the end of the evening)! There was many a sore head across SE22 and surrounds the following morning - probably due to the difficulty of the questions... who knew that an eclair was named after a lightening strike?!

Over a hundred friendly faces streamed into our beautifully-lit hall (thanks to year 3/R dad, Matt who is a lighting maestro, and master blagger to boot!) to answer all of the questions, drink all of the drinks, break out all of the dance moves, and generally have ALL of the fun!

Quizmaster Carl (year 3/1 dad) delivered a challenging set of questions with aplomb and tested the collective intellect of Harris ED parents to its limits. Carl has really been the main man behind the scenes as well as front of house, and it's thanks to his vision and planning that the whole evening came together so seamlessly.

Huge congratulations to year 3 team The Cherry Tree for their glorious, but hard-fought victory. The beautifully-engraved Harris Primary East Dulwich trophy is yours for the next 12 months.

Special thanks to the teacher's team, The Lord Harris, who made up for their slightly lukewarm quiz ranking with a simply outstanding performance on the dancefloor at the end. We have moved you all up to the rainbow :-)

Kudos also to the Firefly BBQ gang who were truly an awe-inspiring, well-oiled, behind-the-scenes, gourmet-burger-producing machine to behold! 100 covers served with fully-stacked, flavorsome, brioche-bunned burgers - perfectly-cooked and piping hot - within 15 minutes? "No problem" said Angus. And it wasn't! But, for the weeks of meticulous planning and buying, and the industrious external production line on the night, we give massive thanks.

And of course a huge thank you to everyone who bought tickets, arranged babysitters and turned up on the night - you guys are really what makes the night so enjoyable, and all the hard work feel worthwhile - so many smiling faces, so many connections started or strengthened... we hope you agree it's a wonderfully sociable way to start the school year.

We're thrilled to let you know that the night raised a massive £4,123, making this our most profitable event yet. We hope to announce a big funding project soon, but in the meantime it's exciting to see our funds mount up, and give the school the option to pitch for projects that will really make a difference in our children's lives.

It goes without saying that none of this would have been possible without our amazing sponsors - Plus Rooms for the board sponsorship activity, and our two local business / parent sponsors, Firefly London and The Clinic by Dr Mayoni. Why not follow them on Instagram and see what they're all about: @fireflylondon

And click the picture below to browse our gallery of snaps from the night - enjoy!

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