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Bingo & (Power) Ballads

For 2020, we decided to kick the adult events up a notch.... and by 'kick it up a notch' we mean bingo and power ballads.

That's right, let's get our bingo on, followed by all your favourite air-guitar playing, high note screeching, big hair rocking, heart wrenching tunes, that you just can't resist singing along to. Take your concerts out of the car and on to the dance floor!

Book your tickets (and sitter) today! Click HERE.

We are looking forward to an awesomely fun night. And if the mood strikes you and you want to tease your bangs, pop your collar or dust off the old Whitesnake t-shirt, we wouldn't mind at all.

Friday 6th March

Doors & Bar at 7:30

Bingo at 8:00


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