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Harris to Paris...In One Hour. Sponsored by Winkworth!

The sequel to our wildly popular Peddles to Pebbles is right around the corner! The literal corner, that is.

On Saturday 1oth of July at 4:30 PM, we will collectively cycle the 470km / 292miles from Harris to Paris at the Herne Hill Velodrome!

And this time, it’s a family affair.

Both children and adults can get into the action. Everyone's cumulative miles will get us to our final goal! Adult riders will feel the centripetal force on the outside track, while the children will complete their laps on the centre track.

Riders will be strictly capped at 45 adults and 60 children. Only 15 adults can ride for the full hour. Spaces will go quickly, grab yours today by registering here. Due to Herne Hill Velodrome regulations the interval breakdown is as follows:


15 Riders - 1 hour

15 Riders - 30 min

15 Riders - 30 min


30 Riders - 15 min

30 Riders - 15 min

Don’t have the need for speed? Not looking to ride but still want to participate? Please come along and cheer the riders on! We will have a BBQ on-site, glitter tattoos, Oddonno's, Lucky Dip, the bar will be open and the ever popular Jolly Jar stall will be there for the taking. Bring the kids, let them run, play, cheer for the riders and give them tea!. Win-win!!

Something else that makes this an extra special event, we are kicking off raising funds for our Playground Refurbishment Project!

The playground, while small, does a very big job. And, we're hoping to give it some much needed TLC and make it fit for purpose. We may not be able alter the footprint, but we can give it a healthy face lift with the addition of an artificial sports turf!

Resurfacing the existing asphalt would include designated sports lines, cushioned areas for more quiet play and add a much needed colour infusion to the space.

Not only would it be a fantastic way to differentiate play spaces, and save quite a few scraped knees, but it would drastically reduce the refracted light and heat that cooks the kids during the summer months. Also dampen the noise within the playground for the school, and for our neighbours.

This will be a BIG PROJECT so will require BIG BUCKS! This is in addition to funding trips, classroom texts, on-site events, bursary and the many other ways we support the school. While it will be a huge undertaking, it will be a very exciting project to support and will make an incredible difference, daily for all the children.

With the funds raised by Harris to Paris, the kick off for the project will sure to be fantastic!!

Not to mention with our new found charity status, donations are eligible for Gift-Aid and corporate gift matching! Does your company match donations? If so, as a registered charity, donations made to FoHPED are now eligible for matching. That could significantly increase your giving power!

Our friendly neighbours down the lane, Winkworth, have generously sponsored the event to help offset costs and generate more funds! We adore the folks at Winkworth and are extremely thankful for their support of this event, and our little school!

We are beyond excited for our first in-person event in a verrrrrry long time. Our school has lots to be excited about and participating in the race, or screaming from the sidelines is a fantastic way to celebrate.

For more information and to register, please click here.

Sign up now, as places will surely be scooped up! Once you are signed up we will let you know how sponsorship of your ride will work.


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