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Times table Mural

Let's bump the colour factor of the playground up, way up!

Introducing a fun and inclusive approach to decorating the school playground as part of our ambitious plan to radically improve the existing space with softer surfaces, expanded structures, shade (or rain!) cover, and delineated sports areas. Read more about Project Playground here.

While we are still sourcing final designs for the full renovation, we've agreed with the school leadership that the big blue wall facing onto the playground is the perfect place for a pop of colour AND an educationally sound mural.

Presenting {{drum roll please}} the Harris Primary East Dulwich Times Table Mural! (it's a bit of a mouthful, we know.)

Families, friends and the community are invited to sponsor a square on our giant Times Table Mural in honour of a student, teacher, favourite subject or even a pet! Sky is the limit. A much more manageable sized print with the names of donors in their square will be printed and hung in the school corridors for all to see.

Each square's suggested donation is double the sum. So, if you want to sponsor the 1 square in honour of little Jimmy, it will cost £2. If the Smith Family would like to sponsor the 15 square, it would be a £30 donation.

Numbers are on a first come first serve basis. So if you're partial to 36, jump on it! If 144 is your bag, well then best be on your way! Please note, as of publication both 22's, 25 & 20 are taken. Two of which are in honour of teachers. Great stuff!

There are many options and price points to support this mural coming to life. If we manage to fund the entire mural, we will raise £12K towards Project Playground. Added to the £11k that we have already raised, that would go a LONG way to helping improve the playground and take it from boring to BRILLIANT!

To select your square and donate or to learn more about the Times Table Mural, please click here.


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