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A New Play is Dawning

Say so long to scraped knees, broken elbows, smashed faces and say HELLLLLOOOO to fun, function and softer surfaces!

The brand new Harris Primary East Dulwich Playground is on its way!

Construction begins in the October half-term.

The Playground will include:

  • Artificial Grass

  • Raised Creative Play Stage

  • Designated Sports Areas

  • Mile-A-Day Running Track

  • Socketed Football Goals

  • Adjustable Netball Hoops

  • Basketball Net with Backboard

  • High Ball Stop Netting

  • Rain and Shade Structures

  • Flow Wall

  • ...and much more!

The Playground Committee in conjunction with the School Administration, and the Harris Federation, selected Playforce as our provider of choice. Playforce has over 20 years’ experience and presented a fun, engaging and comprehensive design that combines both form and function.

In order to build as much of the playground as possible, as soon as possible, the redevelopment will happen in stages:

Stage 1 - The Big Build! The new surfaces will be laid, new structures installed, existing structures repaired and revamped and will be set for use in Autumn 2! 💥 The cost for Stage 1 comes to £72,000.

Stage 2 - Planting & Times Table Mural: Existing planting (excluding the green screen and trees, don’t worry they stay) will need to be replaced after installation. This gives us an incredible opportunity to plant a variety of sturdy and shade producing varietals. BONUS: we are hoping to have a community gardening day to help install. Keep a look out for a fantastic way to get your entire family involved in making the playground as beautiful as can be!

This also means there is still time for you to secure your own Times Table Square! Click HERE to read about the exciting and long lasting mural that will further brighten up the new space!

Stage 3 - More shade: Whilst the big build provides some shade, ideally there would be more. Structural concerns must be addressed before we completely solve for shade and shelter issues.

We are looking forward to seeing how the children settle into their new space before we make the finishing touches in Stages 2 & 3.

The Journey

It's not the destination, it's the journey! Right? Right?!!

When we began to seriously talk to vendors regarding Project Playground, it was 2019. Since then there’s been a global pandemic and the cost of living and cost of building materials have skyrocketed. This meant the timeline and total project cost took quite a hit. As a community, we held onto the belief that refurbishing the playground would benefit all the children of Harris Primary and that it was crucial to keep going.

Fundraising efforts for this have been nothing short of outstanding. Time and time again, East Dulwich has shown up to support Project Playground. From bike rides to fetes, we have had a fantastic time helping to improve the daily life of the children of Harris Primary East Dulwich, together.

We would be remiss not to once again mention the Cleaner Greener Safer Fund which awarded us a £40,000 grant. Without this grant, we would be nowhere near achieving our fundraising goal. Please join us in saying a MASSIVE thank you to Cleaner Greener Safer. Not only for their continued support of the children of Harris Primary East Dulwich, but the community as a whole.

Last but not least, cheers to the children of Harris Primary East Dulwich. May their breaks be joyful, their play spaces colourful and their knees remain intact!

Introducing the new playground!


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