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Project playground!

Our school playground, whilst small, does a very big job. But for a few years now, a number of people have wondered, if it were given some much needed TLC could it be even better?

We may not be able to alter the footprint, but we can give it a healthy face lift, with the addition of artificial sports turf and planting. Resurfacing the exisiting asphalt would include designated sports line, cushioned areas for more quiet play and add a much need colour infusion into the space.

Not only would it be a fantastic way to differentiate play spaces, and save quite a few scraped knees, but it would drastically reduce the refracted light that cooks the kids in the summer months. It would also dampen the noise within the playground for the school and our neighbours.

This will be a BIG PROJECT so will require BIG BUCKS. This is in addition to the PTA funding school trips, class texts, children's enrichment events, burseries and the many other ways we support the school. While it will be a huge undertaking, it will be a very exciting project to support and will make an incredible difference to the children every day.

To read more about the project head here.

No final design has been created or decided upon, but some companies were approached during the discussion stages, one of whom had ideas like this:

Keep watching this space for updates as we have them. We will save those knees!


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